Welcome to the heart of cosmetic innovation

A new project formed by the coming together of players in the french cosmetics industry

To help you develop your innovation projects, Cosmetic Valley and industry players have created the Beauty Hub, a place for healthy competition and networking. Join AIRCOS, ALBÉA, APTAR, CHANEL, I3DP, LVMH RECHERCHE, NIPPON SHIKIZAI, STRAND COSMETICS EUROPE and YVES ROCHER who are behind this project. They are pooling their resources and skills to pave the way to innovation for cosmetics companies and start-up, as well as equipment manufacturers from all sectors.


More than just a venue, the Beauty Hub is a vibrant laboratory, brimming with ideas. It offers you a comprehensive package of services, covering all fields of action: discovery, experimentation, skills development.




Discover a 3-in-1 where you can make your projects a success

1. A collaborative innovation accelerator

Theme-based market monitoring, networking, support and collaborative projects. Immerse yourself in the heart of innovation and start-up.

Dedicated events

Themed meeting sessions, pop-up events... Take full advantage of the Hub’s vibrancy and packed agenda.

Services to facilitate networking

A co-working space, innovation challenges, referencing among start-up. A local network and international contacts at your disposal to extend the reach of your innovations.


Benefits: a special programme for young start-ups

A co-working space lets start-ups and all those in the cosmetics sector get fully immersed in the heart of innovation.

On the agenda: discussions, partnerships, financing committees. Give your projects the benefit of a real accelerator.


2. A unique space for technology

Talk, share, and conduct experiments. This is the place for you.

A platform for demonstrations

Speeches, discussions, transfer of technologies from every sector: agri-food, pharmaceutical, etc. Benefit from the expertise of equipment manufacturers from a wide range of sectors.

Experiments and private training

You can conduct tests and receive training according to your own specific needs.


3. A dedicated centre for experimentation

Take advantage of the unique possibilities offered by the accelerator to facilitate manufacturing and testing. 

Resources for rapid prototyping

Get the support of a dedicated expert in additive manufacturing (3D printing).

Opportunities for experiments beyond the confines of the Hub

The Beauty Hub’s activities extend far beyond the walls of the venue. The Hub lets you meet people seeking proposals and others with proposals to make—regionally and nationally—to encourage experimentation.




Simple and beneficial

Innovative to the core

Referencing and participation in the life of a new innovation accelerator: manufacturers, start-up, clusters, research centres. Access to the accelerator, co-working, and meeting areas. Dedicated exhibitions to discover new production processes. Experience-sharing, financing days, and dedicated meetings with start-up. 

A range of subscriptions according to your profile

Very small businesses, SMEs, large companies, start-ups, equipment manufacturers, and others.