Discove space for rapid prototyping



Start-up, SME, Group, Beauty Exp all technologies of rapid prototyping for you.

Test all technologies and optimize there utilisation. 

Support conception and manufacturing of your prototypes in additive printing. 


In Beauty Hub this technology is disponible:

Print ProJet MJP 2500 Plus  https://fr.3dsystems.com/3d-printers/projet-mjp-2500-series


Raw material use : epoxy resine polymerisable photosensible, rigid, souples, transparency, biomedicals materials

Sizes of pieces: lenth 257 mm, width 160 mm, height 150 mm


Other technologies possible:

Fused Deposition Modelling

Machine stéréo SLA (résine époxy par laser) : capacité production plus importante pièces de 300 mm3 







For all support of additive printing, contatc us